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Company Profile
Shenzhen Xinhaishi Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and registered the \"Xinhaishi\" brand in the same year. The company is now located in Guangming New District, Shenzhen. It has been specialized in the R&D, sales and service of LCD advertising products. It is a relatively professional supplier of LCD commercial display equipment in China. At present, various LCD display products have been successfully developed according to the industry market requirements: such as advertising players, touch all-in-ones, teaching all-in-ones, WeChat advertising players, outdoor advertising players, the product size covers 10.4 inches-84 inches, and the products are fully developed in accordance with national standards. , Has the characteristics of fine appearance, low power consumption, high quality, high sound quality, high picture quality, etc., to meet the all-round and diversified needs of customers.
Business philosophy
Xinhaishi Electronics follows the business philosophy of repaying the market with high-quality products, and aims at the high-end technology of the LCD industry. The core independent research and development technology has always been ahead of the market. It is committed to improving service capabilities. It has established a nationally responsive customer-oriented service system. Give full play to the \"Xinhaishi\" brand, technology, and market advantages to lead the development of the industry. Become a leading domestic manufacturer and solution provider of world-class high-definition dedicated display equipment.
Enterprise spirit
Pursue the common growth of the company and employees, pay attention to teamwork, technological innovation, and people-oriented. In the face of fierce market competition, all members of the company should cope with it together and contribute their own strength to the rapid development of the company.
Corporate purposes
Advocating the service tenet of people-oriented, customer-oriented, and quality first. Dedicated to provide customers with quality products, after-sales service and technical support.
Our Mission
Committed to becoming a leading domestic manufacturer and solution provider of world-class high-definition dedicated display equipment.
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Office address: 6th Floor, Boni Building, Jin'an Road, Matian Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen
Production address: No. 601, Building 1, No. 7 Industrial Zone, Heshuikou Community, Matian Street, Shenzhen

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After-sales Tel:400-117-7091
After-sales Tel: 400-777-1200
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