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  • What are the differences between outdoor advertising machines and indoor advertising machines?


    The difference between outdoor advertising player and indoor advertising player: 1. The usage scenarios are different. Indoor advertising players are mainly used in indoor environments such as supermarkets, movie theaters, subways, etc., while outdoor advertising players are used in outdoor environments with variable environments and direct sunlight. 2. Different technical requirements    Indoor advertising players are mainly used in relatively stable indoor environments. Compared with outdoor advertising players, their functions are not as powerful. The brightness is only normal 3-400nits and no special protection is required.

  • The difference between outdoor LCD advertising machine and outdoor LED advertising machine


    Speaking of outdoor advertising machines, the first thing we think of is the LED display. Yes, the outdoor advertising market has always been dominated by LED displays. LED display screens are mainly installed in shopping malls and other places where people are concentrated. They have the characteristics of high brightness, convenient installation, location advantages, and no size restrictions. These features are not available in other display devices. As the saying goes, no one is perfect, let alone a display device. Although the LED display has advantages that other display devices cannot do, its disadvantages are beyond doubt. For example, because its brightness is too high, it brings a lot of troubles to people's urban life; for example, LED display screens have certain requirements for viewing distance. If they are viewed at close range, they will have a dazzling feeling, and the effect of viewing at close range is also difficult. People are satisfied, etc., which also troubles many outdoor users. The outdoor LCD advertising player is relative to the indoor advertising player. I believe that the outdoor LCD

  • What about the future market and development trend of outdoor advertising machines?


    As the fourth year of the \"13th Five-Year Plan\" in 2019, the construction of smart cities is still a top priority. Markets such as smart transportation, smart medical care, smart communities, smart campuses, and smart retail are still areas that advertising player manufacturers should focus on. The development opportunities brought by the construction of smart cities to the commercial display market still exist. It is estimated that by 2022, the advertising player market will reach nearly 17.79 billion yuan. Smart city construction promotes the application of advertising machines in all walks of life. Smart transportation is one of the key projects of smart city construction. Last year, the Ministry of Transportation launched a smart transportation travel plan, requiring the construction and improvement of urban public transportation smart application systems. This year, the construction of demonstration projects for the intelligent application of urban public transportation has been basically completed in 36 cities. In 2020, the National Public Transport City will create an urban public transportation intelligent system and be fully applied. The dynamic information display, media operation and other applications in the vehicle are inseparable from the advertising player and other applications

  • Do you know the ubiquitous outdoor advertising machine?


    As soon as the summer vacation arrives in various places, there will be waves of travel peaks. Parents will bring their children and start the itinerary of travel. You will find outdoor advertising players appearing in scenic spots, shopping malls, and bus stations in various places. It can be seen that outdoor media communication has become an indispensable landscape in the city center. The amount of information in the modern society of outdoor advertising machines is becoming more and more important to people's lives. Although we often see outdoor advertising machines outside, do you know what functions outdoor advertising machines have? It is understood that the outdoor advertising machine has a multimedia playback function, supports file video and streaming media video playback (multiple forms: video, picture, audio are all available) and can be transcoded in high definition. Outdoor advertising machines use LCD displays to play video advertisements, which are especially suitable for high-end brands' comprehensive multimedia technology, delivering a full range of product information and promotional information to consumers. Outdoor advertising machines are different from newspapers, magazines, radio, television and other media.

  • How does the outdoor advertising machine dissipate heat? What brand of advertising player has good performance?


    The hot summer day is coming. For outdoor advertising machines, how to operate normally in high temperature environments is a great test. The well-known brand of China Commercial Display Xin Haishi summarized two common heat dissipation methods for everyone to understand.    Air-conditioning heat dissipation     The principle of air-conditioning heat dissipation is that there is an environmentally-friendly R134a refrigerant in the compressor, which uses the vaporization and liquefaction of the refrigerant to bring the internal heat of the outdoor advertising machine to the outside. When the internal temperature of the outdoor advertising machine reaches a certain level, it can automatically start the refrigeration function, and the compressor stops working when it drops to the normal temperature. The use environment of the air conditioner can be completely isolated from the outside world, and the air conditioner itself has the function of dust and moisture proof, so its protection level can be IP65. Its disadvantage is that the cost is too high, and there is lubricating liquid in the compressor, so it cannot be transported backwards.    Air-cooled heat dissipation     The principle of air-cooled heat dissipation is that the hot air inside the outdoor advertising machine alternates with the outside air.

  • Outdoor advertising machine requirements


    We have seen many advertising machines in many public places, but not all advertising machines can be used in some outdoor public places. Due to the weather, the purchase of outdoor advertising machines requires more comprehensive improvement.   outdoor advertising machine is an outdoor advertising machine, compared with the traditional indoor advertising machine, the environment is worse. This requires the outdoor advertising machine to be able to cope with wind and rain, sudden temperature changes and so on. To be able to operate normally in different environments, what characteristics do outdoor advertising players need to meet? First: Outdoor advertising players need to meet the following characteristics: waterproof, dust-proof, anti-theft, lightning-proof, anti-corrosion, and anti-biological;    second: can be seen clearly in the sun;    third: can be in harsh environments (Such as: high temperature, low temperature, strong wind, etc.) can still operate normally;   fourth: outdoor LCD advertising machine has a large power and needs a stable power supply;   fifth: appearance: required

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