After-sales Tel:400-117-7091
After-sales Tel:400-777-1200

First of all, I sincerely thank every customer and friend who pays attention to Xinhaishi Electronics. Because of your understanding, trust and support, the company can continue to grow and develop. Xinhaishi Electronics will live up to its trust, adhere to the corporate mission and purpose of \"people-oriented, customer-oriented, technological innovation\", continue to innovate and forge ahead in LCD commercial displays, continue to develop, and provide customers with high-quality products, after-sales service and Technical Support.

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Office address: 6th Floor, Boni Building, Jin'an Road, Matian Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen
Production address: No. 601, Building 1, No. 7 Industrial Zone, Heshuikou Community, Matian Street, Shenzhen

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After-sales Tel:400-117-7091
After-sales Tel: 400-777-1200
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