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You can understand in 30 seconds, 5 important differences between LCD advertising player and TV

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You can understand in 30 seconds, 5 important differences between LCD advertising player and TV

Many CEOs have such doubts when they choose products: the role of the advertising machine can be maintained, and it can also be maintained on the LCD TV. The same price, broadcasting advertising words, is not worth buying a TV? This point feels very meaningful, and it is also not clear that the difference between advertising players and TVs in this manufacturing industry is not clear for many of the same industries in this manufacturing industry. Therefore,XinhaiTVEditor, sorting out this article is convenient for everyone to master. Is the advertising player great? OK, before the beginning of the explanation, the advertising player is really great!

5 major differences between LCD advertising machine and TV

1. Different safety factors

In the same application scenario, advertising slogans must be broadcast in areas with a large passenger flow. The first thing people have to consider is its safety factor! Advertising machines are mostly made of sheet metal parts, which are not easy to burn in case of fire, and the most deformed. TVs are household goods, usually plastic casings. This shows that in public places, its safety factor advertising player is more advantageous.

2. Different professional abilities

The advertising word broadcast control system of the advertising machine is composed of terminal software manipulation, information network transmission and multimedia system terminal equipment display screens. The publicity methods are diversified, including but not limited to photos, videos, texts, small software and other methods to carry out publicity planning and marketing promotion . In detail, the advertising player system software is divided into mobile phone Android and WIN system software. It is easy to use, adapts to video/photo/text scrolling picture/split screen function and its full-screen playback (video/photo), and can be divided according to the actual situation. Many different industries’ photos and scrolling pictures are broadcasted, and the video area can be selected and broadcasted, adapting to a variety of file format codecs, and embedded storage devices. After the required documents are sent to the storage device, they can be automatically played. The Internet has developed some settings for broadcasting. Is this kind of TV possible?

Three, product configuration

Even if people don't take this into consideration, they should start from the product configuration. The advertising machine uses industrial LCD screens, and the main board interface and switching power supply use high safety factor components. The actual effect of the display information interface is far superior to that of civilian-level LCD TVs. The advertising machine is in the open and expanded places (the most selected part of the advertising word broadcast). The chroma is one level higher than that of TV.

Four, service life

According to this equipment, during the period of use, the advertising player can keep working for 18-24 hours on specific occasions. However, the TV is not suitable for long-term work. The interface will have problems such as image residue and discoloration, which will seriously harm the use. period!

5. Personalization of well-known brands

In terms of personalization of well-known brands, advertising player manufacturers can tailor individual models based on customer satisfaction, including product configuration, appearance, color and ink printing company logo, while TVs are produced in an assembly line with simple styles and the same. The advertising player is even better!

In a comprehensive comparison, the advertising player has completely rolled over the TV at all levels, but the TV is still more suitable for family wear!

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