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Xinhaishi talks about advertising machine

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Xinhaishi talks about advertising machine

The continuous development of social high-tech has also promoted the rise of electronic equipment and other industries. Advertising machines can be seen everywhere in our lives, such as large shopping malls, exhibitions, and buildings. Advertising is carried out through advertising machines. What is advertising? Where's the machine?
The only thing everyone knows about the actual advertising machine is that it sends advertising information to make consumers buy the products promoted by the advertising machine. The advertising player is a new generation of intelligent equipment, which constitutes a complete advertising broadcast control system through terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display, and is carried out through multimedia materials such as pictures, text, video, small plug-ins (weather, exchange rate, etc.) Advertising. The original idea of ​​the advertising machine was to turn advertising into an active one, so the interactive nature of the advertising machine makes it have many public service functions, and to attract customers to actively browse the advertisements. Therefore, the initial mission of the advertising machine was to change the mode of passive advertising, and to attract customers to actively browse the advertisements through interactive methods. And the development direction of the advertising machine has been continuing this mission: intelligent interaction, public service, entertainment interaction, etc.
The advertising player is a new generation of intelligent equipment that uses standard LCD displays and LCD TVs to realize information display and video advertisement playback through networking and multimedia system control. The advertising machine mainly realizes building/outdoor LCD advertising: refers to the commercial terminal advertising system in the form of LCD screens or LCD screens in commercial buildings, supermarkets, campuses and other channels, and broadcasts TV commercials and other programs as a means of expression. It mainly includes 8 main channels: commercial buildings, supermarkets, aviation terminals, hospital pharmacies, outdoor large LCDs, bus rentals, school campuses, train stations, other channels, etc.
In fact, the advertising machine is a kind of smart device that uses terminal software control, network information transmission, and multimedia terminals to advertise information such as pictures, text, and videos. Compared with the traditional media newspapers, television, radio or the Internet, the advertising player is a new type of five-generation media, which has the characteristics of time domain, high efficiency, economy, technology and versatility, and is widely used in modern media.

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