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What is the difference between advertising player and ordinary TV?

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What is the difference between advertising player and ordinary TV?

In the digital signage (also called poster machine, digital signage, electronic billboard, electronic advertising, hereinafter referred to as advertising machine) industry market, some new consumers are still puzzled about the difference between advertising machines and ordinary residential TVs. Recently, I found that advertising player manufacturers always have a problem in their daily work communication. When customers inquire about advertising player products, they often compare the advertising player with LCD TVs. What is the difference between the display price and the performance price?


Advertising machines can produce better benefits than TV sets

Household TVs are not suitable for continuous long-term use 24 hours a day. If it is used for too long, the TV will have problems such as image retention and color fading. The digital signage display uses commercial LCD panels, which are specially designed for long-term use. According to testing, the service life of the digital signage display exceeds 50,000 hours, and the applied special technology can reduce the risk of image retention. In addition, they have cooling fans and external ventilation equipment to ensure that the screen runs at the best indoor temperature. Of course, the TV is not designed to be used in a commercial environment. If you use it in a commercial environment, the warranty of the TV manufacturer will also become invalid.


Advertising player has higher pixels and better resolution than TV

When you are trying to convey information and try to make others understand, the displayed quality and effect are above all else, and the mission of the digital signage display is also here. Driven by the multimedia information publishing system, the display effect of commercial displays is also more beautiful and has a sense of visual impact. Secondly, the display effect of commercial displays is brighter and more atmospheric, and its contrast ratio is better when compared with residential TVs.

Advertising machine can enhance brand image than TV

There are often many supplier’s logos and templates around the TV panel. This information is often highlighted and emphasized. If it is used for commercial purposes, it will be overwhelming. Not only does it appear unprofessional, but it also runs counter to the original intention of the screen: the screen is used. To convey information. Our advertising player keeps this in mind, it does not display any logo, its design style is also orderly, professional and fashionable, elegant and chic, and it can also customize the panel with its own LOGO according to customer requirements. This not only improves brand exposure, but also greatly helps to enhance the overall image of the company.

The advertising player has a different interface from the TV

Ordinary TV sets generally have only three interfaces, VGA, DVI and HDMI, and DP interfaces are relatively rare; in industrial applications, BNC interfaces have special uses. In terms of televisions, the diversity of interfaces is emphasized, and more audio-visual equipment can be connected. There are many types and numbers of interfaces. But for customized products, LCD advertising machine | network advertising machine | digital signage often only has a dedicated video interface, plus a programmable control S232 serial port. This has certain similarities with industrial liquid crystal displays.

Advertising machine is more convenient to use than TV

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