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What about the future market and development trend of outdoor advertising machines?

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What about the future market and development trend of outdoor advertising machines?

As the fourth year of the \"13th Five-Year Plan\" in 2019, the construction of smart cities is still a top priority. Markets such as smart transportation, smart medical care, smart communities, smart campuses, and smart retail are still areas that advertising player manufacturers should focus on. The development opportunities brought by the construction of smart cities to the commercial display market still exist. It is estimated that by 2022, the advertising player market will reach nearly 17.79 billion yuan.

Smart city construction promotes the application of advertising machines in all walks of life

Smart transportation is one of the key projects in the construction of smart cities. Last year, the Ministry of Transportation launched a smart transportation travel plan, requiring the construction and improvement of urban public transportation smart application systems. This year, the construction of demonstration projects for the intelligent application of urban public transportation has been basically completed in 36 cities. In 2020, the National Public Transport City will create an urban public transportation intelligent system and be fully applied. Applications such as dynamic information display and media operations in vehicles are inseparable from the assistance of advertising players and other related equipment. With the further implementation of smart transportation construction, the transportation industry will further expand the demand for outdoor advertising equipment.

Smart healthcare is also one of the key projects in the construction of smart cities. The advent of the Internet era has accelerated the integration of the elderly care industry and the Internet, and introduced an intelligent management platform. Commercial display devices such as advertising machines are the carriers of intelligent management platforms. Advertising machines can be placed in halls, conference rooms, consulting rooms and other places to meet the needs of intelligent management. It is estimated that the total investment of smart medical care will reach 100 billion yuan, and the development of the smart medical care industry will greatly promote the development of the outdoor advertising machine market.

As the cell of the city, the community is an important foothold to promote the development of smart cities. In recent years, whether it is property management, real estate developers, or smart equipment or Internet companies, they have not diminished their enthusiasm for building smart communities. Smart community is also one of the projects that the outdoor advertising machine industry has been paying attention to.

The construction of smart campuses has also attracted much attention. The \"Educational Informationization 2.0 Action Plan\" issued by the Ministry of Education aims to cover all campuses to achieve digitalization, improve the application level of informatization and the information literacy of teachers and students, and strive to build a new mode of talent training under the conditions of \"Internet +\", and develop A new model of education service based on the Internet, exploring a new model of education governance in the information age. As the carrier of digital campus, commercial display equipment such as outdoor advertising machine is used in campus corridors, electronic class signs and other scenes. With the promotion and implementation of national education policies, outdoor advertising machines have a lot of room for development in campus applications.

With the gradual implementation of smart city projects, outdoor LCD advertising machines will also develop rapidly in the industries involved in smart cities. With the driving force of smart city construction, the rapid development of the outdoor advertising machine market will be just around the corner.

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