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The future diversified development of the indoor advertising machine industry

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The future diversified development of the indoor advertising machine industry

indoorThe future diversified development of the advertising machine industry

1.More personalized content

With the development of technology, understanding the relevant information of the audience group can better provide targeted content, and combined with the development of the mobile Internet, the content will be more personalized. In the future, advertising machine display content will be more targeted and can be associated with many dynamic factors, such as weather, inventory, latest information, and so on.

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2.Wireless data network

The same type of network connection as a smart phone will effectively simplify the editing of advertising machine information, and information can be updated at any location. The wireless network will allow the LCD advertising player to have a faster and safer network connection, just like smart phones and tablet computers. For example, mobile advertising machines can be used in conjunction with mobile electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers, and the two networks can be shared.

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3.Mobile smart interaction becomes mainstream

In the future, interactive functions will become the mainstream of the advertising machine industry. It can interact with consumers through visible and vibrant content, and companies can also use coupons and promotional activities. Combined with the advertising machine, it can provide consumers with the content they need, simplify the consumer's participation process, and let them change from passive reception to active reception. Just like the mobile big computer TV advertising machine, it integrates all the functions of large-screen computers, high-definition TVs, high-definition displays, high-definition advertising machines and other products, and can be used in conjunction with mobile electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets to achieve human-computer interaction. Features. In the future, the latest single products, best-selling products, discounts and promotions, news events, popular online videos... and WeChat promotion and interactive activities that increase user viscosity can all be easily completed in the advertising machine system.

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4. Indoor P2.5 full color

The LED screen can be installed to play video/slideshows, and it can also play dazzling colorful materials of stage and te effects. Generally, P2.5 models are mostly used. Large-scale display devices made of seamlessly spliced ​​modules are used to play TV programs/videos/pictures. In the past two years, due to the vigorous promotion of small spacing in the market, more and more fields have achieved perfect matching applications with small spacing LED displays. For example, in the field of monitoring display, large LED display screens have the characteristics of multi-area and arbitrary partition display. It is a three-screen, six-screen, nine-screen and other multi-screen and multi-window display. LED full-color screens are developing toward smaller and smaller pitches and higher resolutions, and they can be customized in many ways.

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