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The difference between outdoor LCD advertising machine and outdoor LED advertising machine

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The difference between outdoor LCD advertising machine and outdoor LED advertising machine

Speaking of outdoor advertising machines, the first thing we think of is the LED display. Yes, the outdoor advertising market has always been dominated by LED displays. LED display screens are mainly installed in shopping malls and other places where people are concentrated. They have the characteristics of high brightness, convenient installation, location advantages, and no size restrictions. These features are not available in other display devices. As the saying goes, no one is perfect, let alone a display device. Although the LED display has advantages that other display devices cannot do, its disadvantages are beyond doubt. For example, because its brightness is too high, it brings a lot of troubles to people's urban life; for example, LED display screens have certain requirements for viewing distance. If they are viewed at close range, they will have a dazzling feeling, and the effect of viewing at close range is also difficult. People are satisfied, etc., which also troubles many outdoor users.

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Outdoor LCD advertising machine is relative to indoor advertising machine. I believe that outdoor LCD advertising machine is a supplement to the application field and shortcomings of indoor advertising machine and LED display. Outdoor LED display refers to the one that can be used for outdoor advertising. A kind of LCD display, the main forms include road LED display, LED electronic display, LED full-color screen, LED screen and so on. The similarity between the two is that they are both channels for outdoor information advertising. The difference is that the outdoor LCD advertising machine solves the shortcomings of the blurry outdoor LED display viewing at close range!

Features and advantages of outdoor LCD advertising machine:

1. Visible in the sun, always high-definition highlight within the visible distance.

2. Can adapt to various external environments, waterproof, dustproof, lightning protection and other all-weather outdoor visibility!

3. The intelligent temperature control system can adjust the internal temperature and humidity of the equipment, so that the equipment can operate normally under the condition of ensuring the service life under the environment of -40 to +60 degrees.

4. The brightness can be automatically adjusted according to the environment, reducing light pollution and saving electricity.

5. Based on network 3G, WIFI and other technologies, it can realize the remote release and management of broadcast content, and it can make programs, play them instantly, and enrich the content.

The world of new displays in the 21st century is bound to be an era in which a hundred flowers bloom, and various displays show their magical powers. Outdoor LCD advertising machines and outdoor LED LCD displays support each other and have their own advantages and advantages. Therefore, when you choose When the advertising machine is still an outdoor LED, it is mainly based on its own needs, whether it only needs to be a long-distance audience, or hope that the advertising content is high-definition and bright within the range of the visible distance! In addition, LCD splicing has many features All of them are unmatched by LED displays. For example, the outdoor LCD advertising machine has stylish and high-end appearance, high color reproduction, environmental protection and energy saving, no harm to human eyes, etc. It is very suitable for the entrance of some high-end office buildings, hotels, large shopping malls, luxury stores, etc. Can be used to display information, but also to enhance the user's brand image.

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