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The brightness requirements and maintenance methods of indoor and outdoor LCD advertising machines

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Since the development of LCD advertising machines, from a general perspective, there are two types, one is the indoor advertising machine, and the other is the outdoor advertising machine. Today,The editor of Haishi will share with you some knowledge of these two advertising machines, as well as their maintenance methods, are they the same? Let's discuss it together!

1. Indoor LCD advertising player

We all know that indoor wall-mounted advertising machines, elevator advertising machines, etc. make full use of people's free time for promotion. With the wider application of outdoor advertising machines and the advancement of advertising machine hardware technology, advertising is rapidly transforming from the traditional: static billboards and static flyers to dynamic digitalization.

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Two, outdoor LCD advertising machine

Outdoor advertising machines will not be affected by the weather and can bring good visual and auditory enjoyment. Outdoor LCD floor-standing advertising machines, touch all-in-one machines, and seamless splicing screens can be widely used in outdoor advertising and outdoor public information. Publishing, outdoor media communication, touch interactive query and other fields around the clock, greatly improving the sense of layering of the picture, can better express the details.

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Third, the brightness requirements of indoor and outdoor advertising machines

The brightness standard of the advertising machine industry is: outdoor advertising machine needs to reach 1500cd/M2 (hereinafter referred to as cd) in an unobstructed skylight environment to be called outdoor advertising machine. Indoors do not need high brightness but need high-definition pictures. The display effect under daylight conditions with a brightness of only 1500cd is not very attractive. This also means that the display brightness of only 1500cd will cause the attenuation and loss of visual information transmission, and it will not have the effect of publicity. Therefore, the brightness of Jingmeirui's outdoor advertising machine display is as high as 3000cd, which is exactly twice the industry standard. Even in the face of strong light at noon, it can ensure a clear and bright display, making the image \"backlight\" shine. Indoor high-definition LCD advertising players have become the mainstream, and the images are still exquisite when viewed at close range, with clear and clear fonts.

Fourth, extended information: maintenance methods for indoor and outdoor advertising machines

As the saying goes, \"three points are used for seven points of nutrition\", maintenance is very important, not only can reduce the frequency of failures, but also extend the service life.

1. First, let's talk about the screen maintenance skills of the advertising machine. The advertising machine screen is the most important part of the advertising machine. It is also the most expensive part of the advertising player. The screen of the advertising machine is generally made of LED, so you need to pay attention to avoid sun exposure or direct exposure to dark spots during use. In addition, it is best to send someone to wipe the screen regularly. Generally wipe it within 3-5 days.

2. In addition, the cooling vents and vents of the advertising machine must be kept unobstructed, otherwise it will cause poor heat dissipation of the machine and damage to internal parts.

The high-brightness outdoor advertising player also faces a big problem. If you don't want to be a \"public full-length mirror\", you need a higher anti-glare index. Especially in the information display scene of the transportation industry, if the display is unclear or strong light refraction, it will bring great hidden dangers to road safety. If there is a problem, there will be a solution. Through continuous research and development of technology, the innovative outdoor advertising machine can effectively enhance the visibility of the picture and reduce the specular reflection generated by the screen by enhancing the contrast of the picture and the patented reflection elimination film. Through the application of circular polarization technology, it solves the \"display blind zone\" problem of traditional liquid crystal display when people wear polarized sunglasses to watch, and provides more comprehensive protection for road safety. The intelligent dimming of the indoor advertising machine (automatically increase the brightness during the day and automatically reduce the brightness at night) can also better protect the eyesight of pedestrians and reduce discomfort.

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