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The advertising machine market broke out, and the solution innovation became the enterprise system winner

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The advertising machine market broke out, and the solution innovation became the enterprise system winner

With the continuous advancement of social informatization, the digital dissemination of public information has become an irreversible trend. It is based on this that, as a representative of digital tools, advertising machines have ushered in an explosive period of application. Whether in crowded shopping malls, hospitals, building elevators and other public places, or in orderly government agencies, enterprises and institutions, advertising machines have become an existence that cannot be ignored.


Accompanying the continuous expansion of the application market is the increasing diversification of user needs in the industry-although essentially all information dissemination, application needs are different depending on the application place. For example, in shopping mall applications, the advertising machine system is aimed at high-density shopping people in shopping malls, and it needs to attract consumers' attention through strong visual impact to drive the increase in actual sales; in government agency applications, it is mainly targeted at agencies The staff, to ensure the timely, efficient and precise information dissemination has become the core demand.

Specific to the actual application, the design of the solution will naturally be different. Taking the advertising machine industry solution provided by Skyworth Qunxin as an example, in response to the complex needs of shopping malls to apply marketing information, a time-sharing partition display is specially set up in the plan. The administrator can use the management platform to play a segment or Multi-segment video promotion information to ensure the maximization of the marketing value of advertising screens; in response to the needs of government agencies for precise and safe dissemination of information, relevant programs have specially set up multi-level user rights management, and a powerful program review mechanism effectively avoids information Wrong sending, missing sending, and at the same time, for future expansion applications, interfaces such as CRM and queuing system are also reserved.

In the current advertising player market, the homogeneity of hardware equipment has become an indisputable fact. Faced with a variety of application requirements, manufacturers in the industry can be said to \"same changes in response to changes\", and characteristic solutions have naturally become flexible The essential. This requires companies not only to have strong professional capabilities, but also to have rich industry experience in order to accurately grasp the needs of users and discover the potential needs of users in a timely manner. This can be seen from the solutions provided by Skyworth Qunxin government agencies (reserved interfaces such as CRM, queuing system, etc.).

For a long time, although the domestic advertising machine market has a large number of companies and a large potential application market, the overall industry’s innovation capabilities are still relatively limited, especially in the advanced design for the high-end application market. The importance of the plan undoubtedly provides a brand new idea for enterprise innovation, which is conducive to the sustainable and healthy development of the entire industry. However, the shift of innovation from hardware products to comprehensive solutions also means that the era of pure price competition has ended. Based on the competition of comprehensive solution provision capabilities, the advertising player market will gradually enter the era of big brands.

The rising market demand has become a strong driving force for the rapid expansion of the advertising machine application market. According to AVC statistics, in 2014, the advertising player market was close to 3.6 billion yuan, an increase of 21%. The broad market growth prospects have attracted many companies to join the battle. Driven by the marketing concepts of big brands, industry reshuffle is inevitable. The strong one is Hengqiang. In the future advertising machine market, the giants' separatism may become the mainstream feature.

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