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System description of LCD advertising machine

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With the popularity of LCD advertising machines and the popularization of flat panel display devices such as plasma and liquid crystals, and the development of network streaming media technology, the system architecture has undergone several generations of changes.DVDPlayer orPCComposition, after the introduction of network technology, dedicated network media players replaced the traditional pureDVDPCThe playing form, the function becomes richer, the application becomes more diversified. Therefore, some people put it alongside paper media, radio, television, and the Internet, calling it\"Fifth media\", Has the function of publishing information to a specific group of people at a specific time, at a specific place.

Zhitong Multimedia Information Publishing SystemIncorporating the diversity and vividness of multimedia video information, it realizes the remote centralized management of information release and the content is updated at any time, so that the audience can receive the freshest kinds of information at the first time.Digital media information release systemWill become an important carrier of information construction. Not only can it provide timely, comprehensive, high-quality, and efficient information services and a new cultural atmosphere, it can also greatly enhance the overall image of the environment, which is also an inevitable trend of modern architecture.

Zhitong Digital Media Control System-DigiControlBe professional\"digital media\"Information release system. It has unique distributed area management technology, which truly realizes the communication mode of different terminals in the same system to distinguish audiences. Through this system, users can easily build a centralized, networked, specialized, intelligent, and segmented multimedia information publishing system, which provides powerful professional services such as information editing, transmission, publishing, and management.

In response to customer’s business needs, forward-looking, expansive, advanced, and practical are the design ideas, and all types of media such as pictures, slides, animations, audio, video, and rolling subtitles are integrated through centralized control and unified management.File combinationInto a multimedia program, transmitted toDigital Media Controller, And then the digital media controller performs orderly playback and control on the corresponding display device in accordance with the control rules, and interrupts all kinds of real-time information such as news, pictures, and emergency notifications at any time, and delivers the latest information to the audience at the first time . The digital media information release system is a more advanced information release system developed on the basis of the multimedia information release system.

DigiControlThe system adopts centralized control management and automatic broadcast solutions, withDistributed structure, Open interface, human-computer interaction and good scalability; at the same time, the system has powerful functions, friendly operation interface, easy installation and easy maintenance. The digital media information release system is based on a network architecture, which integrates program editing, program transmission and release, business interactive query, information guidance, and centralized control management. It can also interact with the bank query system, real-time exchange rate quotation system, automatic real-time weather forecast information, Real-time stock information, financial real-time data system, touch query system,Queuing systemOAoffice system, Attendance system, corporate training system,Industrial Control SystemReal-time databaseAnd so on the perfect combination.

DigiControlThe display devices supported by the system areLCD,TV set,Plasma display, Double primary colorled,Full Colorled, Rear projection, and touch screen, etc.

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