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Smart advertising machine solution

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intelligentAdvertising playerThe reason for its popularity is mainly due tointelligentAdvertising playerIt has the advantages that traditional media does not have. Its high-definition and bright picture and video display, simple system operation and very popular interactive touch-screen multi-point applications can vividly and interestingly show the characteristics of products and services, which is more attractive Consumers pay attention. In large-scale shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and other public places where other people’s streams converge, a multimedia professional audio-visual system that publishes business, financial, entertainment information and government announcements through large-screen terminal display devices. Its purpose is to broadcast advertising information to a specific group of people in a specific physical place and a specific time period, so that it has the effect of advertising.

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One.intelligentAdvertising playerFacilitate product innovation

If your shopping mall has a new product or a new store to join, use a professional shopping mall advertising machine for overwhelming publicity. Compared with the direct use of physical objects to publicize the store entrance, the advertising benefits will be much higher, not only for new products. The added products and stores are advertised, and it also brings profits to the shopping malls. due tointelligentThe advertising machine has an interactive touch function, so many customers will learn more about the specific situation of the product or store through the LCD touch advertising machine.

2. Human-machine interactive communication function

Consumers can pass through the mall at the same timeNetwork advertising machineInteract with the mall, the mall can also passLCD advertising playerReal-time data monitoring and big data analysis are carried out so that we can investigate the passenger flow and customer opinions of the shopping mall, so that we can better improve in the future work.

3. Benefits of scientific and technological products

No matter where it is, high-tech products can always attract the attention of consumers, just like children like novel toys. Mall dedicatedAdvertising playerIt can not only play the role of query, but also install the corresponding software. It can also be used as a tool for singing K, game consoles, etc., no matter which function is very attractive to customers, there will be more and more in the future. Customers bring consumption and benefits to the mall.

4. Special advertising machine for shopping malls can effectively guide passenger flow

You must know that a shopping mall is a place with a large population of people and a large number of businesses. There are countless guests greeted every day, which directly leads to serious customer diversion management problems. Many shopping malls will have more shopping guide staff than service technicians, which seriously affects the efficiency of the mall. After the introduction of a dedicated network advertising machine for shopping malls, customers can simultaneously inquire about the distribution data information of the merchants on each floor, the distribution location and walking route of the merchants to go to, and even the market range and specific information of the products sold by the merchants. This greatly improves the convenience for customers to provide information they need for self-service inquiry, and it is convenient for shopping malls to guide passenger flow.

About the advantages of smart advertising machineShenzhen XinhaiTVThat's it for the introduction,Shenzhen XinhaiTVIt is a commercial LED LCD advertising machine manufacturer selling products including LCD network advertising machines, vertical outdoor touch advertising machines, electronic class signs, elevator building wall advertising machines, multimedia teaching conference all-in-one machines, LCD splicing screens and other products, which meet the needs of various industries The owner provides a perfect solution for a full range of commercial display equipment.

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