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Several factors affecting the price of advertising player

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Several factors affecting the price of advertising player

Several factors affecting the price of advertising player

Many customers directly inquire as soon as they come, what is the price of your advertising machine, and how much does the advertising machine offer. In fact, there are many factors that affect the price of the advertising machine (that is, the final quotation), and the advertising machine prices quoted by different brands of merchants will be different.

If you want to know the price of the advertising machine, you must first understand the components of the advertising machine. Then, what are the components of the advertising machine? What is the role of each part? Generally speaking, a complete advertising machine equipment consists of: LCD screen, drive board, decoder board, power supply board, power supply and personalized advertising machine shell.

Advertising machine LCD screen: It is the part of the LCD display that we usually see, but the LCD screen of the advertising machine is different from ordinary computers. It is both an input device (to realize the function of a touch control device) and an output device. The price of this part of the advertising player is usually related to the market price of the original LCD panel. For example, the price of the Samsung panel you use is definitely different from the price of the domestic panel.

Advertising player driver board: It has the same function as the computer's motherboard, used to drive software and connect the other components of the advertising player into an organic whole. The driving board used is strong and very stable. Advertising player decoder board: a device that can output switch signals when working. The power supply board and the power supply constitute the power supply system equipment of the advertising player.

Personalized advertising player shell: it is the part that customizes the shell of the advertising player according to the customer's requirements. Generally speaking, the advertising player needs to be customized with different personalized appearances due to the different places where it is placed. Of course, the personalized appearance of the advertising player The customized part price includes shell design and mold opening costs. Other factors that affect the quotation (ie price) of the advertising player:

Factors such as the manufacturing costs and expenses (workers' salary management fees, etc.) of the advertising machine, the agency price difference in the intermediate links, and the order quantity of the advertising machine can also affect the price of the LCD advertising machine. Some customers often ask how much an advertising machine is? This is not a good answer, but it is worth noting that because there are many production processes and circulation links, only one or two advertising machine equipment is built, usually advertising machine manufacturers will not accept orders.

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