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\"Internet + building advertising\" has become a new trend in promotion

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\"Internet + building advertising\" has become a new trend in promotion

With the continuous advancement of urbanization, tall buildings have gradually become the norm for people's daily living. Whether it is a commercial office building, a shopping mall, a high-end apartment or an ordinary residential building, the elevator room will have a strong commercial media value because of its high popularity.

Surveys have shown that people who live in high-rise residential buildings or work in office buildings take an average of at least four elevators per person per day, and the building elevator digital advertising machine in the elevator room is becoming an important driving force for the growth of the display market. Security products can use this unique advantage to promote civilian and commercial products.


Building advertising machine and securitymonitorIntegration into a trend

Generally speaking, the main manifestation of elevator digital advertising machine is installed as a photo frame in the elevator car. This also means that, due to the limited installation space, it is difficult for the digital advertising machine to attract people's attention with shocking visual effects by relying on the advantages of the traditional large screen. In the mobile Internet era, people have become accustomed to obtaining digital information through smart terminals, and it is difficult to achieve the expected application effects with boring and straightforward information dissemination.

For advertising machine liquid crystal display companies, if they want to take the lead in the building advertising market, the first thing to solve is the definition of the user's product application value. Due to the general convergence of appearance application forms, novel and unique content has become the only way to improve. It shows that what enterprises need to do is to explore potential application requirements under the premise of meeting basic application requirements and provide technical and functional improvements. Support to form an effective guide to the application mode of elevator digital signage. This will stimulate the enthusiasm of advertisers to a large extent.

Take commercial office applications as an example. In such places, the target audience is mainly young people. In view of their love of smart phones, advertising players can add more mobile Internet functions. For example, joinNFCWith the function, users can immediately obtain further product or service information with a single swipe of the mobile phone on the advertising machine, and even connect with the online shopping mall, allowing users to form real consumption at the first time when they are exposed to promotional information.

In addition to increasing value, display companies can also increase potential value for the characteristics of elevator applications. For example, in response to the increasingly prominent elevator supervision issues, building managers can integrate advertising machines with the building’s security monitoring network, and in the event of an emergency, promptly push relevant information to users, try to avoid unnecessary harm, and improve the advertising machine network. The necessity of construction. According to industry insiders, this kind of advertising machine combined with security monitoring will become the mainstream form of the future market.

assimilate into\"the Internet+\"Become the key

For companies in the industry, what should an ideal system look like??When this industry was just emerging, people’s definition might be\"Convenient push, shocking display\"That is to say goodbye to the business model of Focus Media’s elevator car advertising that has a small screen effect and manpower update content. However, such an application model is not the real future of the industry.

The continuous development of technology promotes the continuous upgrade of products. From the initial stand-alone version to today’s smart version, the focus of industry competition has also been upgraded from the initial pure hardware technology competition to a complete set of integration covering basic equipment and content.solutionCompetition. It is this kind of industry transformation that has shifted the initiative to upgrade the industry from industry enterprises to industry users. In view of the strong regionality and scale of building digital applications, in the future, this market may have a clear brand pattern. At present, it is undoubtedly a key stage of enterprise enclosure. It is understood that at present,LGCompanies in the industry, including Skyworth, Skyworth, Xinyi, Panda, and Tonghui Jiashi, are already actively expanding their businesses. It is foreseeable that as the number of enterprises involved continues to increase, market competition will become increasingly fierce.

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