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Information dissemination power of advertising machine

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Information dissemination power of advertising machine

Advertising player saidIt is to change the passive communication mode of advertisements and attract more customers to actively browse the advertisements through an interactive way. This interactivity also makesAdvertising playerHave a lot of public service functions. useAdvertising playerInformation dissemination on the LCD screen through text, audio and visual interaction has become the mainstream, and the displayed advertisements are more vivid and creative. At the same time, the use of advertising players also has time domain, multimedia performance, growth, advancement, high efficiency, economy and technology.
The advertisement on the advertising machine is rational, consumer-led, non-compulsive, and humanized promotion, thus avoiding strong sales interference from salespersons, and, through the provision of this type of information, establishes a long-term relationship with consumers. Good relationship. The use of advertising machines is more environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and easier to accept by the general public.
At the same time, it also has the function of storing a large amount of information, which can update or adjust information in time to effectively meet the needs of customers.

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