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How to let customers take the initiative to watch your ad? Advantages of LCD advertising machine

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How to let customers take the initiative to watch your ad? Advantages of LCD advertising machine

How to let customers actively browse the advertising content of businesses is a problem that many advertisers are thinking about. The LCD advertising machine is a new type of intelligent equipment, which is a complete advertising playback and control system composed of terminal software control, network information transmission technology and multimedia terminal display. It can advertise through text, pictures, videos and small plug-in multimedia elements. The original intention of the LCD advertising player is to transform passive advertising into active advertising, soLCD advertising playerThe interactivity enables it to serve the public in many public scenes, thereby attracting more customers to actively browse the content displayed in the advertising machine;


1. inLCD advertising playerThe company’s endorsement advertisement was broadcast on the show to show the brand strength. The endorsement fees of celebrities range from several million to several hundred million. The endorsement of each brand reflects the strength of the brand and is also one of the important factors that motivate users. The design cost of TV commercials is generally calculated based on the age of seconds. If the store hasAdvertising player, Endorsement advertising can attract customers' attention for free, so as to achieve the purpose of brand promotion and attract customers, and make customers resonate. This is marketing now.

2. Let the in-storeLCD advertising playerPlay the company's product advertisements, so that consumers can feel the products anytime and anywhere after entering the store, display the advantages of the products, and find out the needs of customers, so as to achieve the purpose of the transaction;

3. InLCD advertising playerPromotional information of the product on the broadcast,Advertising playerIt can deliver the company's promotional information to users in time, create a good buying environment and atmosphere, form a store-sensing and stimulating magnetic field, and increase purchasing power. The advertising machine can quickly and conveniently release relevant quotations at the first time, which is conducive to gaining an advantage in the fierce competition;

4. inLCD advertising playerThe company’s product promotion and its application in life will be played on real-time to evoke everyone’s cultural resonance, achieve the purpose of brand marketing, give users a sense of being always around, and increase the brand’s sense of belonging. At the same time, it also makes the company's reputation bigger and makes users feel that the brand is nearby;

5.LCD advertising playerThe application in the company’s shopping mall has virtually enhanced the company’s brand effect, changed the company’s promotion plan, and demonstrated the company’s strength

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