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How to choose a cheap outdoor LCD advertising machine?

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How to choose a cheap outdoor LCD advertising machine?

Many people feel very confused when they are working on outdoor LCD advertising machines. They don’t know how to buy the most inexpensive outdoor LCD advertising machines. In fact, when we are purchasing advertising machines , And the purchase of other products is the same, nothing more than three aspects: advertising player quality, advertising player price, advertising player manufacturers!

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If you want to know whether the quality of the LCD advertising player you want to buy is of high quality, you must first start with the concept of outdoor LCD LCD advertising player, understand what is outdoor LCD advertising player, outdoor LCD advertising player refers to all outdoor places. Professional display equipment for advertising, corporate videos, public welfare activities and other documents. In layman’s terms, LCD TVs are moved outdoors for display! So when we judge the quality of outdoor LCD advertising machines, we must first determine whether the advertising machine is It can be displayed well in the outdoor environment, and it can be visible in the sun in the true sense, waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof, anti-theft, anti-corrosion, etc. At the same time, it is necessary to solve the problems of heat dissipation, cold protection, and anti-dew! Manufacturers can solve these problems professionally!

When the quality of the advertising player is determined, the price of the advertising player has become the most concerned issue for buyers. Although the outdoor LCD advertising player started relatively late in the country, the price is not as transparent as the computer TV set, but the outdoor LCD advertising The price of the machine can also be inquired according to the configuration. When you are consulting on the price of the advertising machine, you can seriously ask why the price of the advertising machine is so much. Can you quote the price of some key parts? I believe that after shopping around, you will be able to buy cheap and good-quality products!

Finally, the choice of the advertising player manufacturer is actually a guarantee for the quality and subsequent maintenance of the advertising player. Especially when the outdoor LCD advertising player is to be ordered in batches, the choice of the advertising player manufacturer is particularly important. In fact, the advertising player manufacturer The choice is the easiest. Take a field inspection, and focus on the size, configuration, and production of the advertising player manufacturer. If possible, you can also go to its application case site to conduct a field inspection, and you can know that this manufacturer produces How about the advertising machine, of course, we have to distinguish from the quality of advertising machine, pre-sales, after-sales service attitude and satisfaction.

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