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Do you know the ubiquitous outdoor advertising machine?

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Do you know the ubiquitous outdoor advertising machine?

As soon as the summer vacation arrives in various places, there will be waves of travel peaks. Parents will bring their children and start the itinerary of travel. You will find outdoor advertising players appearing in scenic spots, shopping malls, and bus stations in various places. It can be seen that outdoor media communication has become an indispensable landscape in the city center.

Outdoor advertising machine

The amount of information in modern society is becoming more and more important to people’s lives. Although we often see outdoor advertising machines outside, do you know what functions outdoor advertising machines have?

It is understood that the outdoor advertising machine has a multimedia playback function, supports file video and streaming media video playback (multiple forms: video, picture, audio are all available) and can be transcoded in high definition. Outdoor advertising machines use LCD displays to play video advertisements, which are especially suitable for high-end brands' comprehensive multimedia technology, delivering a full range of product information and promotional information to consumers. Outdoor advertising machines are different from newspapers, magazines, radio, television and other media. They have a wide range of applications and significant effects.

In addition, the electronic bus stop LCD screen can accurately and real-time display information such as bus forecast stations, weather forecasts, current events, etc. This function has brought great convenience to the citizens. At the same time, it broadcasts advertisements 24 hours a day, disseminates the latest information in real time, and brings more revenue to merchants.

The electronic bus stop also has a terminal remote control function: the video playback volume can be adjusted, and the machine can be switched on and off remotely/timely. At present, most manufacturers install cameras when making electronic bus stop signs to monitor the platform conditions in real time, which plays an important role in urban security.

In urban daily life, outdoor media communication gradually plays an important role. Among them, outdoor advertising machines play an important role in the process of promoting the development of urban civilization.

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