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Brief description of the price of Xinhai TV advertising machine

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Brief description of the price of Xinhai TV advertising machine

As a professional advertising player sales and production enterprise, Xinhai Vision is a relatively powerful advertising player manufacturer in Shenzhen. For customers who purchase products, brand strength is one aspect, and the price of advertising player sometimes affects the conclusion of the transaction. The key point is that in order to meet the needs of different customers, Xinhai Vision provides you with good prices on a variety of models of advertising machines. I hope you can help when purchasing. Advantages and characteristics:

1. B/S structure: browser/server architecture, all operations are based on cloud computing, and the server software is powerful; 2. Web page operation: it can be done only with a web browser, no software installation is required, and the operation is simple and intuitive; 3. Layout template: Provides a variety of layout areas and automatic information areas, including pictures, videos, music, subtitles, weather forecasts, news and other areas; 4. Program production: supports program editing, and can be set in three types: carousel/insertion/on-demand Programs; 5 terminals can display rich multimedia elements, including videos, music, pictures, rolling subtitles, weather forecasts, news, etc.; 6. Automatically set to horizontal or vertical screen playback according to the programs produced on the server side; 7. Support for splitting Hourly volume, you can set the volume in time periods; support timing switch and timing switch screen, you can set the daily switch time and only the screen switch time; 8. Support regular upgrades, can download programs and system programs in time segments; support on-demand playback ( Training function), use the remote control or buttons to perform on-demand operations; support the interrupt function, which can set the start time, end time, and number of playback times; 9. A variety of network connection modes include: wired LAN, wireless LAN and 2G/3G Network; 10. Mobile phone, PAD real-time monitoring and operation, real-time MMS streaming TV, RSS news feed, stock exchange rate information, weather forecast, broadcast schedule.

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