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At what level does outdoor advertising machine contribute to urban construction?

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At what level does outdoor advertising machine contribute to urban construction?

With the advancement of social science and technology, the display form of outdoor advertising has been transformed from static outdoor billboards to digital broadcasting forms. The production of outdoor advertising machines has begun to slowly ferment in the city to produce greater or lesser influence in urban construction. , At what level can outdoor advertising machines contribute to urban construction?

There is a bright heart under the simple appearance of the outdoor advertising machine

The outdoor advertising machine is an LCD advertising machine used outdoors. Its brightness standard needs to reach 1500cd/M2 in an unobstructed skylight environment, and the contrast effect of a set of displays from 450cd to 3000cd can be intuitively felt, only 1500cd The brightness of the display under daylight conditions is not satisfactory. This also means that the display brightness of only 1500cd will cause the attenuation and loss of visual information transmission, and it will not be able to attract attention.

Outdoor LCD advertising machine without blind spots provides protection for traffic safety

\"Anti-glare\" as a screen display technology has been widely used in daily life such as mobile phones, tablets and displays. But for outdoor advertising players, if you do not want to be a \"public full-length mirror\", you need a higher anti-glare index. Especially when used in the information display scene of the transportation industry, if the display is unclear or strong light refraction, it will bring great hidden dangers to road safety. The outdoor advertising machine developed by Maijun Technology can effectively enhance the visibility of the screen and reduce the specular reflection produced by the screen by enhancing the contrast of the picture and the reflection elimination film through a unique technology. At the same time, the Maijun outdoor advertising machine is not only \"anti-glare\", but also \"anti-polarization\", which solves the problem of \"display blind spot\" caused by traditional outdoor large-screen display when people wear polarized sunglasses. Provide more comprehensive protection for road traffic safety.

Outdoor advertising machine creates a new look of the city

Due to the existence of illegal construction and other problems, many outdoor advertising machines have been forcibly demolished in the past, and the installation of outdoor advertising machines has been planned into the ranks of urban planning. The placement of an outdoor advertising machine symbolizes the innovation of the image and appearance of the city, which has a very eye-catching effect on the development of future technological cities.

It is not without reason that outdoor advertising machines have become the new favorite of the outdoor media industry. It is an important terminal in the construction of smart city informatization and an important element in building a city's business card. Its development will provide a strong boost for the construction of smart cities in my country. . Outdoor advertising machine can be seen through the multi-level development of its appearance, configuration requirements, social needs, etc., and it can play a constructive role in the construction of the city.

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