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Application fields of indoor and outdoor advertising machines

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Application fields of indoor and outdoor advertising machines

In today's multimedia information age, advertisements often appear in newspapers, radio, television and the Internet. The emergence of new media advertising players! Due to the continuous segmentation of products and customers, traditional information channels lack a certain degree of pertinence, and are unable to conduct more targeted publicity to audiences in effective areas. At this time, the emergence of new media advertising machines made up for the vacancy.

With the rapid commercialization of advertising machines, the types of advertising machines can be said to have different application categories for different types of advertising machines. This article starts withShenzhen XinhaiTVFor the research object, it mainly introduces the six application fields of advertising machine. I hope everyone can understand how to use advertising machine. With the rapid development of the digital signage industry. The position of digital advertising is becoming more and more prominent, especially the LCD advertising machine as a new media online version. With its rapid development, it has become a beautiful landscape for advertising and the use of advertising machines is very extensive. 2021With the vigorous development of China's advertising machine market in 2010, what new applications will the advertising machine industry have?

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Advertising machine classification

According to the function, it can be divided into: stand-alone advertising machine, online advertising machine (3G/WiFi), touch advertising machine, Bluetooth advertising machine, voice advertising machine, etc.

According to the scale of application: indoor advertising machine, outdoor advertising machine, vehicle advertising machine, building advertising machine, floor advertising machine, LCD splicing wall, etc.

According to the installation method: vertical advertising machine, wall-mounted advertising machine, combined advertising machine, etc.

According to the display mode: touch advertising machine, horizontal LCD advertising machine, vertical LCD advertising machine, split-screen LCD advertising machine, wall-mounted LCD advertising machine, composite mirror advertising machine.

And mobile TV LCD TVs are used for bus rental: LCD commercial terminal advertising systems are installed on buses, taxis, private cars and other vehicles.

There is also a multimedia information release system: touch all-in-one machine, network play box.

1Used in the hospital advertising machine in the medical industry

Medical care: The advertising machine can be placed in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, outpatient departments, specialist treatments, etc., and can send information about local medical conditions, service strategies, experts and doctors;

With the help of network LCD advertising machines, medical institutions can broadcast relevant information such as medicines, registration, hospitalization and so on. In addition, the solution of the advertising player system can also be used for doctor-patient interaction, providing map guidance, entertainment information and other content services, which not only simplifies the medical process, but also reduces the anxiety of patients.

2Advertising machines used in the transportation industry-subway, bus, airport and station advertising machines

Transportation: Advertising machines are located in hot spots of airports, stations and terminals, sending information about local travel and accommodation

With web-based LCD advertisers, users can update and publish the latest road information, such as timetables. In addition, users can also create hierarchical display functions, such as scrolling entertainment clips, or playing sports, entertainment and other news programs, entertain passengers waiting for the bus, and pass the waiting time. According to the characteristics of high passenger flow at stations and airports, users can also broadcast various product advertisements to create economic benefits for enterprises.

3. Advertising machine for retail chain industry. Retail chain advertising machine

Shopping malls and supermarkets-shopping malls, shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets, wholesale markets and chain stores are equipped with advertising machines that can send information about local businesses, recommended products and deductions;

With the help of the network LCD advertising machine, users can immediately publish the latest shopping guides, products and promotional information. The rich display functions and bright colors of the LCD advertising machine can effectively improve the customer's shopping experience and help users simplify the information release process, ultimately improving the sales performance of professional retail users.

4Advertising machine used in campus advertising machine of education industry

Cultural venues: advertising machines in campuses, theaters, science and technology museums, cultural centers, libraries, exhibition halls, museums, cinemas and other places can convey the current situation and introduction of the museum;

With the help of network LCD advertising machines, safety education videos are played in all important activity areas of the school, and safety education in teaching buildings, canteens, dormitories, sports management and other places is strengthened, and safety awareness is enhanced. In addition, we can also play music videos/news and important news of the school through the LCD advertising machine on the web board. Especially in large campuses, the online version of the LCD advertising machine is widely used. As a new school media, many companies use the online version of the LCD advertising machine to promote students.

5Used in hotel industry hotel industry advertising machine

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Hotel: Place an advertising machine in each lobby or meeting room to send service information and general information about the surrounding area;

The network LCD advertising machine can also display information in the public area of ​​the hotel to provide customers with a full range of hotel service information. For example: hotel map, room usage, food recommendation, promotion and other information content. In addition, when necessary, the network version of the LCD advertising machine can also develop hotel-related operational support based on the original system, such as the hotel's proactive check-in and number query services.

6Used for financial advertising machine in the financial industry

Financial Securities: Each business outlet is equipped with an advertising machine, which can send the characteristics and information of each business outlet (pictures, animations);

With the help of the Internet version of the LCD advertising machine, financial institutions can better promote their brand image and transactions. Users use the LCD advertising system to broadcast financial information such as benchmark interest rates, show and introduce bank transactions and activities to customers, and broadcast consistent corporate culture, that is, graphical promotional videos. Web-based LCD advertisers can also integrate resources and perform more system functions, such as queuing, calling, touch screen, multimedia terminals, etc., to achieve consistent information processing. No matter how far the financial distance is, a longer distance can be controlled, which will have a considerable economic impact on the financial industry.

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