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Analysis of the difference between advertising player and LCD/TV

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Analysis of the difference between advertising player and LCD/TV

One,Advertising machine and LCD display/Analysis of the difference between TV

Ordinary LCD monitors and LCD TVs are used in small spaces, such as homes, living rooms, etc., so their operating environment is relatively stable and clean, and temperature and humidity control is relatively reasonable. The advertising player is an outdoor multimedia information release device. Most of them appear in crowded public places, so their operating environment is very unstable. Therefore, in terms of design, the operating environment of the advertising player is more stable than that of LCD monitors and LCD TVs.

Second, the playback time is longer than that of the LCD monitor/TV

A series of advertising machines such as LCD advertising machines, vertical advertising machines, and touch advertising machines are suitable for long-term use, and are very different from products such as LCD monitors and LCD TVs.Shenzhen-XinhaiTVwere able24Hours of uninterrupted operation, which is different from computers and servers. In terms of display panel types, the two are basically the same, but in terms of heat dissipation, the function of the advertising player is stronger than that of household products such as LCD monitors and LCD TVs. Because the advertising player requires long-term operation, there is a special need for heat sinks.

Third, the brightness is higher than ordinary LCD products

Since LCD advertising machines mostly appear in public places and the ambient light is very bright, the brightness must meet the bright environment of the place where they are placed, while the display brightness of liquid crystal displays and LCD TVs only needs to meet the needs of human eyes. So the brightness is also An important feature of the advertising player.

Fourth, the display area is very different

Regardless of whether it is a liquid crystal display or an LCD TV, the display area and display share have industry specifications. For example, the display scale of liquid crystal has32inch,37inch,40inch,42inch,46Inches etc.;And the display share is controlled by431691610, The special share usually does not appear. In this area, the advertising player is different. In order to meet the needs of promotion and demonstration in special places, the advertising machine has non-standard display shares of products, rectangular,TFor example, the advertising machine of Shenzhen Xinhai Commercial Display has vertical, wall-mounted,TIn terms of type, movement, and size, there are32Inch,43Inch,55Inch,65Inch,70Inch and so on. Therefore, there are special advertising machines that need to be drawn up, which are usually more expensive than those produced by general-purpose assembly lines.

5. The advertising machine is specially used, and equipment needs to be added

The advertising player has audio and video playback functions and unlimited advertising content. Therefore, in order to complete the display of advertisements, there will be a lot of rated hardware support, including special equipment for the advertising player. There are also many advertising player manufacturers in order to achieve a large display area and higher resolution. Using LCD splicing and other skills, there will be corresponding hardware support and software support to complete the splicing use.

Sixth, there are differences in interface planning.

For civilian displays, usually as long as3Kind of interface,VGADVIHDMIDPInterfaces are relatively rare;In the field of industrial use,BNCThe interface will be of special use. In terms of TV sets, it focuses on the diversity of interfaces, which can connect more audio-visual equipment, with the largest types and numbers of interfaces.

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