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After reading it, I realized that this is the four main points of the indoor LCD advertising player.

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Science and technology are developing, and the times are advancing. With the rapid development of social economy and the increasing development of commercial activities, the carrier of advertising has also developed by leaps and bounds. The paper-based advertising carriers in the past have gradually withdrawn from the stage of history. New advertising carriers and advertising machines have emerged at the historic moment because of their long service life. Features are widely used in various shopping malls, stations, airports, chain stores and other places with large traffic. Because of the different installation methods, it can be divided intoIndoor advertising player,Wall-mounted LCD advertising machine, vertical LCD advertising machine, suspended LCD advertising machine. With its unique advantages, it is widely welcomed by merchants and enterprises. However, there are so many types of advertising machines on the market that many merchants often blindly pursue one of them and ignore other important purchase factors, which makes them unable to buy suitable. Own LCD advertising player.

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LED advertising machine

envirnmental factor

selectA suitable advertising machine must first consider the location of the advertising machine. The advertising machines on the market are divided into outdoor high-definition advertising machines and indoor LCD advertising machines. The price difference of the same size is often very large, so the first point is Determine the playing environment of the advertising player, outdoor or indoor.

The second point, installation method

selectAfter the type of advertising player is good, you have to consider where the advertising player is installed, whether it is hanging, placed directly on the ground, or hung on the wall. Only by considering these details can you choose the LCD splicing that suits you. Screen, so combining the above two points, we can first determine what type of LCD advertising player is needed.

LED LCD advertising machine

The third point, the size of the LCD advertising machine

Purchasing suitable products according to the actual needs of the installation site is related to whether merchants and enterprises can purchase equipment of the right size.

Fourth point, broadcast type

Choose according to the type of content to be played. If you just simply play the advertisement and do not need to play the network advertisement, then you can choose the stand-alone LCD advertising player. It is not necessary to choose the online version of the LCD TV to save costs and reduce waste of resources.

All in all, one sentence: only by choosing products according to their own needs and actual conditions, can they buy a suitable LCD advertising player.

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